Handrails for Commercial Roofing

Handrails for Commercial Roofing


Handrail for Commercial Roofing

Handrail for Commercial Roofing is much needed safety addition to your roof. OSHA requires appropriate safety measures; "Employers are required to assess the workplace to determine if the walking/working surfaces on which employees are to work have the strength and structural integrity to safely support workers." Leading Edge Safety has you covered with industry leading guardrails. Even if your workers are not going to be on the roof frequently, enjoy peace of mind with our selection of permanent guardrail.


Roof Safety Railing

The All-In-One temporary guardrail can be used to keep you safe on various applications, including low edge with a gravel stop, parapet walls up to 24” and slab overhangs. When you’re all done, the base and parapet clamp store in one convenient piece.

The All-In-One™ guardrail is truly the last base you will ever need to buy. It can be installed on flat/low edges, over gravel stops, on parapet walls and even on concrete slab overhangs. The post can accept either RaptorRail™ metal rails or lumber rails. The railing brackets can be adjusted vertically and rotated around the post, so setting up corners and strange geometries is simple.


Heavy Weighted BasesThe Ballasted Guardrail is a fast, easy, and economical way to erect temporary guardrail systems to keep workers safe while increasing their productivity. Heavy weighted bases prevent tipping and allow configuration to adapt to almost any situation. Weighted Base Guardrails can be used at perimeters, open curbs, skylights, stair openings and anywhere else a leading edge requires fall protection. Meets and exceeds OSHA Standards for guardrails 29 CFR 1926.502 and 1910.23.

Weighted base guardrails are a quick and easy solution to passive fall protection. Easily adaptable to your job site conditions, weighted bases can be quickly configured for both temporary and permanent protection. The modular design incorporates both fixed length rails and adjustable rails, offering greater flexibility than “cattle gate” systems. Modular and reusable components allow the system to be moved to future locations. Our weighted bases are easily stackable for transport or storage and installation requires no previous experience.


Permanent Guardrail

  USM Guardrail    

The USM-IBC Guardrail system provides permanent, full-perimeter fall protection. The unique design allows 100% water-tight installation under standard roofing and sheet metal details including coping caps, drip edges, gravel stops and even inside most commercial gutters without penetrating the roof membrane. Our “Zero Penetration” attachment under standard perimeter edge details allows full access to the entire roof surface, wall flashings and sheet metal. The USM-IBC Guardrail system can be installed prior to roof construction and can be left in place during complete roof replacement. Powder coated steel colors available to match Kynar® sheet metal or other building components and RAL colors. USM-IBC Guardrail meets and exceeds OSHA Standards and International Building Codes (ICC).

The unique mounting and upright design allows our guardrail system to remain in place whether it’s a complete re-roof project, edge metal replacement, equipment maintenance, facility lighting or security camera work, our guardrail remains in place providing full-perimeter fall protection. Leading Edge Safety’s patent pending design allows for guardrail installation under most coping cap, drip edges, gravel stop and inside gutter systems. Installation of the permanent guardrails can typically be installed using the existing coping cap metal, eliminating the added cost of new metal. USM-IBC Guardrail eliminates the need for tie-off points and the expensive associated maintenance and training.

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