National Safety Stand-Down Week

National Safety Stand-Down Week

As safety concerns continue to take center stage in the workplace, National Safety Stand-Down Week has become an important event for companies to focus on workplace safety. Leading Edge Safety is proud to participate in this initiative, and we want to take this opportunity to highlight our mobile fall protection carts.

Falls from heights are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities. The use of mobile fall protection carts can help prevent these accidents by providing workers with a safe and reliable fall protection system. These carts are designed to be easily transported to different locations and are an effective solution for working at heights where fixed fall protection systems are not feasible or cost-effective. Our mobile fall protection carts are designed to provide a safe and secure anchorage point for workers who need to perform tasks at heights. In addition to providing effective fall protection, our mobile carts are also designed with ease of use and mobility in mind. The carts can be easily moved from one location to another, allowing workers to perform tasks at different heights without the need for a fixed fall protection system. This is especially beneficial for jobs that require workers to move around frequently or work at different elevations throughout the day.


Raptor TriRex™


Leading Edge offers several fall carts to meet your companies need. Our original 5 man cart, the Raptor TriRex™ continues to be a customer favorite. It supports 3 users on fall arrest and allows for an additional 2 workers to be tied off for fall restraint. It comes in multiple configurations to meet your job site needs.  



Customers looking for something lighter and more maneuverable will love the all new Saber™ Mobile Fall Protection Cart. We’ve taken the best features from our Stinger™ cart and integrated them into an all new cart. Featuring increased worker capacity with a reduced weight, the Saber is just as mobile as the original. Gone is the original dolly moving system–the Saber has an integrated axle for increased maneuverability. When the handle is lowered, the axle also lowers, thus lifting the Saber™ and allowing the unit to be easily transported. The integrated axles create a smaller footprint with a better turning radius.  



If it's roof maintenance that you're looking for, the X-Calibur™ cart is your client's best choice. The compact design allows for transport in the back of a pickup and can fit through doorways, elevators and roof hatches. The counterweights remove easily to reduce weight while moving.      

At Leading Edge Safety, we understand the importance of workplace safety, and we are committed to providing innovative solutions to help prevent workplace injuries and fatalities. Our mobile fall protection carts are just one of the many tools we offer to ensure the safety of workers in a variety of industries. During past National Safety Stand-Down Weeks, we have encouraged companies to take part in this opportunity to focus on workplace safety and consider the use of mobile fall protection carts to help prevent falls from heights. By working together, we can create safer workplaces for everyone. Learn more at
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