About Us

Leading Edge Safety is your complete solution for fall protection. Whether you need permanent, temporary, or mobile fall protection, Leading Edge Safety has the answers for you, with an array of options designed to keep you safe on the job. Unlike our competitors, Leading Edge Safety combines two successful names in the fall protection industry with proven history.

AES Raptor (Raptor Safety) and Premier Rail Systems have joined forces to offer you a full temporary, permanent and mobile fall protection solutions from one great provider. Our combined expertise, customer service and American made products provide an unmatched selection of products and services.

How Can we Help You?

Fall Protection? Permanent, Temporary, or Mobile – Leading Edge Safety has a solution for your fall protection requirements that exceeds current codes and regulations. Leading Edge Safety has the knowledge, expertise, and inventory to help you choose the correct product for your specific needs. If your requirements do not fit a standard product, our design team will develop and engineer a specific product per your specifications with the required codes and regulations.

Total protection

Whether your fall protection requirements are for a few hours or for the lifetime of the building, Leading Edges Safety has a product for you.

Permanent: Long-term guardrail solutions with inconspicuous and non-intrusive mounting system with a sleek appearance that blends into the surrounding environments.

Temporary: Short-term guardrail solutions providing passive fall protection to entire work areas large and small.

Mobile: Simple, fast, with little to no set up time required offering fall arrest and fall restraint for 1-5 workers.

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Unsure what kind of fall protection product is required for your project? Allow the experts at Leading Edge Safety to take the lead, offering you the best fall protection solution, tailored for your needs.