Spring Commercial Roofing Updates

Spring Commercial Roofing Updates

Spring Roof Replacement

It's that time of year again. Winter has been hard on roofing surfaces and companies are looking to fix and replace. Whether it's finally getting around to fixing that problematic leaky roof or finally getting budget approval for replacement, spring is optimal for roofing work. During this time, safety evaluation becomes paramount. It's the perfect opportunity to install safety equipment as well as a new roofing membrane. At Leading Edge, we've got you covered.

Our USM-IBC Guardrail is a permanent solution for your fall protection needs. The unique mounting and upright design allows our guardrail system to remain in place whether it’s a complete re-roof project, edge metal replacement, equipment maintenance, facility lighting or security camera work, our guardrail remains in place providing full-perimeter fall protection. Leading Edge Safety’s patent pending design allows for guardrail installation under most coping cap, drip edges, gravel stop and inside gutter systems. Installation of the permanent guardrails can typically be installed using the existing coping cap metal, eliminating the added cost of new metal.

With spring upon us, weather becomes an important factor as well. Much needed rainfall can also bring dangerous lightning storms. Fortunately, our Lightning Protection System is made to fit on our guardrails. This one of a kind UL Certified system helps to ensure you are protecting one of your organization's largest investments.

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