Leading Edge Safety and FallTech have joined forces to provide a tailored selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that perfectly complements the Raptor Mobile Fall Protection product line. You can either buy a kit specifically designed for your Mobile Fall Cart or choose individual items based on your current requirements.

Class 2 - Leading Edge Rated Fall Protection

ARMORLINK™ Essential Series

ArmorLink Essential is designed for users who already have their safety harness but need to complete their PPE kit. Offering foundational safety at a cost-effective price, this line includes basic yet reliable PPE suitable for everyday tasks. Ideal for individuals who require straightforward protection solutions, ArmourLink Essential provides essential safety features, ensuring compliance with standard regulations. It's perfect for routine work environments, complementing existing safety gear.


The ArmorLink Pro line is tailored for professionals seeking a balance of comfort and advanced safety. This range includes enhanced features such as improved durability and ergonomics, catering to regular users in more demanding settings. Additionally, the Pro kit comes with a set of harnesses, completing the ultimate PPE package for enhanced safety and functionality. It’s a great fit for industry professionals who require dependable protection with added comfort and versatility.

ARMORLINK™ Elite Series

ArmorLink Elite represents the pinnacle of PPE technology and innovation. Engineered for exceptional performance, this premium line offers the highest level of protection, comfort, and durability. It integrates cutting-edge materials and design, ideal for extreme conditions and specialized tasks. The Elite kit also includes a set of harnesses, providing an all-encompassing safety solution for those who demand the best in safety gear, featuring advanced customization and superior protective technologies.