Why should I join Midwest Roofing Contractors Association?

Why should I join Midwest Roofing Contractors Association?

Greg Sprague, MRCA President, explains why it is important for contractors to become members of MRCA. 

Over the past year I have attended many barbecues, golf outings, cocktail parties, luncheons and educational seminars in the official capacity as the MRCA President. At all of these various functions I have promoted the 2018 MRCA Conference and Expo which will be held in Omaha, Nebraska this coming October 24th through the 26th and I have encouraged an asked all roofing contractors who would listen to me to join and become a member of the MRCA. Invariably I get the question, “Why should I join MRCA?” 

Before responding I always considered the source of who proposes that question. It is widely accepted in this industry that there are three levels or tiers of Roofing Contractors. A tier 1 Roofing Contractor is the highest. Those Roofing Contractors generally exhibit a high degree of professionalism, financial stability and have a proven industry track record. Their business usually is quite profitable. Most tier 1 Roofing Contractors are already MRCA members. They understand the value and benefit of belonging to the MRCA. Rarely am I asked that question from one of them. 

If a tier 2 Roofing Contractor proposes that question the first thing that usually goes through my mind is, “How did you make it this far as a roofing contractor without having recognized the value of MRCA membership?” Actually, a tier 2 Roofing Contractor probably stands to gain more from MRCA membership than any other level of Roofing Contractor. 

The tier 2 contractor is usually in a position to immediately incorporate MRCA member benefits such as the business management forms and the SHARP safety program into their business. These two benefits alone can quickly raise their level of professionalism. 

The majority of the time when I am asked “Why should I join the MRCA” it is from a tier 3 Roofing Contractor. I am always willing to explain the “Why” and itemize all of the MRCA member benefits. 

  • SHARP Safety Program 
  • Midwest Roofer Magazine 
  • Business Forms 
  • Technical & Research Committee 
  • Young Contractors Council 
  • Complimentary Legal Advice 
  • Applicator Agreement Review 
  • Complimentary Technical Advice 
  • MRCA Website 
  • Annual Conference 

 Forty years ago, I got started in this industry at the bottom as a tier 3 Roofing Contractor. My company joined the MRCA in the early 1970’s. I started attending the annual conference, began incorporating some of the business forms and implemented the SHARP safety program. Those member benefits were instrumental in helping me raise the professionalism of my company and grow my business. Roofing Contractors want to emulate other Professional Roofing Contractors! The MRCA enables them to do that through participation in this association. That is the “Why you should join MRCA?” 

As always, I leave you with these final thoughts. The MRCA was, is and will remain the Roofing Contractors Advocate! 

Greg Sprague, 2018 MRCA President, Sprague Roofing, gmsprague@spragueroofing.com 

Learn more about MRCA at www.mrca.org 

Editor’s note: This President’s Message first published in Midwest Roofer Magazine and can be viewed here.  

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